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po angielsku:

1. Very

top 1000 z wymową
English Top 1000 100-150
Word list 9-12
Ile to kosztuje?
CALLAN lesson 31

2. greatly

I cannot say how greatly the man had come to interest me.
I greatly admire your paintings. We will miss her greatly.

customer service unit 1
Unit 1 describing people
angielski (1)
kolokwium 88-89
Mass 29.08. Behead St. Johon

3. a lot

Parents took a lot of photos.
She likes him a lot.
Thank you very much.
There are a lot of vegetables in the basket.
do you go to the cinema a lot?

lekcja 13,14,15
English lesson 3
Confusing words & false friends
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4. pretty

Angielskie słówka

5. very much

unit 3.1 SPEAK UP
L&O 11.12.2014
CALLAN lesson 46

6. incredibly

These goats are incredibly good climbers.
You are an amazing mother.
Zbych's father is incredibly rich.
adverb used with gradable adjectives
incredibly close

English five 3- 4A
zestaw 10 matura

7. sorely

gsce english
pytania i odpowiedzi

8. extremely

This was an extremely complex case
Which feautre is extremely important when you look for a new car?
extremely dangerous
pskrajnie, nadzwyczaj, wyjątkowo, niezwykle

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