słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. treat

if someone treats you, they give you something special or they do something especially nice for you as a present. If you treat yourself, you buy yourself something special or let yourself do something that you really enjoy
my treat!
the best way to treat your nose bleed

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IntermediatePlus 1-6
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Health&Food Module7
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2. cure

This medicine may cause drowsiness.
Unfortunately, doctors still cannot cure some forms of cancer.
We have to find the cure for cancer.
better prevent than cure

Częste słowa
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3. heal

The wound quickly healed.
The wounds healed very fast
This will help them in to heal
We have to treat the causes and not just the symptoms of a disease.
What should you do if a wound doesn't heal properly?

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