słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. reliable

e.g. She is the most reliable person in this office and we can always depend on her, so it's best to let her do this difficult assignment.
ri la je bol
the least reliable form of perception,
trustworthy, someone to rely on

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2. dependable

I need someone dependable to take care of the children while I'm at work.
It's important for me to have a dependable car
Mary is completely reliable: if she says she'll do something, she'll do it.
My first car wasn't dependable.
[adjective] - that you can trust or have confidence in

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3. unfailing

[adjective] - (of a positive quality of somebody's character) when it shows itself at all times

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4. foolproof

He said he had a foolproof scheme for making money.
No job, employer, organization, direction, etc. is foolproof or change-resistant.
The system of preventing credit card fraud is close to foolproof.
a foolproof method; a foolproof identification system

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