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po angielsku:

1. suitable

a suitable layout can be set up as follows way
a suitable partner
his house is suitable even for a big family.
these toys are not suitable for children under five
this program isn't suitable for children.

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2. appropriate

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3. respective

They split and went their respective ways.
We all went back to our respective homes to wait for news. the respective roles of teachers and students
We should put more pressure on the respective authorities to change the legislation.
career changers have gleaned from their respective journeys.
we went to our respective rooms

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The embargo and the corresponding fall of in supplies led to famine in Iraq.
The overpopulation of our planet and the corresponding famine threat are a huge challenge to the UN.
There has been no corresponding change of heart in the Bush administration.

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5. relevant

thanks for your revelant advaice/comment.
to be relevant to the needs of sb/sth
what small companies need is relevant advice
your information is relevant
→ Opposite - irrelevant

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It this date convenient for you?
The standard of his work is barely adequate. Her performance was adequate but lacked originality.
This is adequate for my.
[adjective] - enough or satisfactory for a purpose
adequate health care

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7. applicable

This contract aims at presenting some applicable concepts.
This is a considerable simplification of the applicable law.
cross out if not applicable
if apllicable

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8. correct

Your Math test is 100%correct.
Your answer is correct. Congratulations!
[kəˈrɛkt] ker*ekt

9. equivalent

The word has no equivalent in English.
What’s the equivalent of the English phrase ‘fat-free’ in French?
a doctorate or its equivalent
of the same value
one mile is equivalent to 1.6 km

10. suited

I think Gina is the person best suited for the job.
That coat really suits you.

Who has the poorest health? The making of a Tv show

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