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po angielsku:

1. permanent

What's your permanent address?
You have a permanent job for just a long time.
adjective - taking a long time, never ending
continuing to exist for a long time or for all the time in the future

English File Intermediate
Słówka 11-17.12
moje słowa LA
angielski bank słow 4 longman
Unit 9 i 10 matura master pre-intermediate

2. steady

Dom, życie, rodzina
gsce english
słówka 27.11-03.12
specime moist
P. Świat Przyrody

3. constant

IELTS - slowka
angielski II
Unit 5 - Sports and interests
Medical English EXAM part 2
Weather and climate

4. fixed

We will meet on a fixed date.
fixed price
stuck in a rut - become too fixed in one kind of job or situation in life
to have fixed ideas about sth

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5. solid

Water changes into solid when it is cold.
[adjective] - strong and not easily damaged or broken
it works by building up layer upon layer of material to make solid objects
solid rock
solid three days/ solid partnership/ solid pices

collins dictionary
chemia, pomiary
unit 4 cześć 2
Słówka Fajne z Sheldona:) Maciej Krakowczyk pozdra...

6. stable

a stable economic situation
e.g. The King’s horses were kept in very comfortable stables.
stable Internet connection
stej bol

upstream unit 4 właściwe
Water purity - 1
Angielski 1b
Miłość i cenzura

7. consistent

We need to be consistent in our approach.
Your actions should be consistent with your words.
a consistent link between
always behaving in the same way or having the same attitudes, standards
manufacturing processes require a consistent approach

1-4 Materials science - iron
Quiz 5 (q1 - N. Machiavelli)

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