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po angielsku:

1. terrific

Their new song is terrific.
[adjective] - very good
a terrific increase in prices a terrific storm, a terrific opportunity. I thought she looked terrific.
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2. splendid

He used to have splendid toys that we all wanted to play with.
To others you appear a great and splendid man.
We had a splendid view of the old cathedral from our hotel window.
We had a splendid view of the old cathedral from our hotel window. He is said to be a splendid writer.
“Harry!” said Fred, elbowing Percy out of the way and bowing deeply. “Simply splendid to see you, old boy —”

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3. wonderful

We had a wonderful time with you.
What a wonderful world
“Harry!” said Fred, elbowing Percy out of the way and bowing deeply. “Simply splendid to see you, old boy —”

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4. great

very good
wiekszy najwiekszy
with great pleasure / That's great!

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5. brilliant

błyskotliwy, znakomity
she is brilliant

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6. super

I saw a super programme about the Serengeti on TV last night.
It was a terrific success.

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7. gorgeous

You look gorgeous in that red dress.
You look gorgeous.
[adjective] - very beautiful or pleasant
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someone or something that is gorgeous is extremely enjoyable, beautiful, or attractive

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8. magnificent

a magnificent painting
to talk with too much pride about what you have done or what you own
very good, ​beautiful, or ​deserving to be ​admired: a magnificent ​view

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9. excellent

This dish is excellent.
This shop sells excellent souvenirs. You should try it.
We had an excellent dinner!
You did an excellent job!
excellent skill

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10. glamorous

Tutoring has become a glamorous profession.
Welcome to Cannes, the most glamorous film festival in the world.
When they dressed me up and made me so glamorous, I was shocked.
attractive in an ​exciting and ​special way:
attractive, exciting and different from ordinary things or people

11. glorious

IntermediatePlus 1-6

12. fabulous

We had a fabulous time.
You look fabulous.
[adjective] - extremely good
absolutely fabulous

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13. admirable

That's admirable.
The ceremony was performed in an admirable manner.
The way he is coping with the death of his grandfather is admirable.
View from my window is admirable.

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the buisness

14. smashing

That was a smashing gig!
The Indian government has interests in smashing a possible victorious New Democratic revolution in Nepal. People tried to block his way, but he managed to escape by smashing a window pane.
You should wear that red dress to the party. You look smashing in it!
[adjective] - extremely good, attractive or enjoyable

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15. brave

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16. amazing

You can see the amazing result on this website.
You look amazing
Your holiday photos are amazing. What a beautiful place.
amazing emotions

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17. marvellous

This is a marvellous symphony.
You look terrific.
[adjective] - extremely good or impressive
miraculous, wonderful

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18. awesome

Your new car is really awesome!
Your new car is really awesome! (Twój nowy samochód jest naprawdę rewelacyjny!)
[adjective] - INFORMAL - extremely good
an awesome sight
this is fucking awesome

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